Linda Saskia Menczel

The Helios Gallery Timisoara is the host of an exhibition event signed by the sculptor Linda-Saskia Menczel, between 11.10.2022-27.10.2022. The exhibition titled CODA brings together 82 pieces, two of which are object pianos, which bring together the author's interdisciplinary research. The artworks contain inscriptions and symbols from different fields of human knowledge, from cosmology to particle physics, from the philosophy of nature to theology, from the music of the spheres to polyphonic music. On 24.10.2022 at 6 p.m., there will be a book launch of Linda-Saskia Menczel-in her own words and the CT Project concert - Coda by the composer and pianist Cári Tibor, who will perform for the first time on an art object, together with the cellist Szabó J. Attila. In the opening, Conf. Univ. Dr. will take the floor. Gabriel Kelemen.

 Inscriptions and symbols:

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The ‘Bible in bronze’ gallery represents years of research and introspection on the Biblical theme, mostly about the new testament, parables and stories about early Christianity. These pieces are a coherent body of work that spanned for 5 five years and is still a major theme in the artists’ life.

After a brief encounter with the Kabbalah Center in London I began studying the 72 Names of God, and they especially inspired me artistically, so I created 72 bas-reliefs, and later some of their ronde-bosse counterparts.

‘Bronze is a very flexible medium for me to work in, it allows a graphic surface interpretation not only because of the modelling of the textures but also because of the way I use the juxtaposition of patina and the finely polished bronze.’

Every artist aspires to take their expression into a public space, it is, after all, the purpose of art in general, to speak to others. Monumental pieces are commissioned by both private collectors and the state owned institutions.

I used this technique in my final graduation project in 89′. It has been with me ever since, it became a live event, it became a bit more colorful, a started treating the surfaces in a graphic manner, so it evolved in time but the basic technique is gauze and plaster and often the use of a live model.

‘Working in stone, especially granite is infinitely satisfying… you shape hardened lava, your power tools can barely keep up, the stone heats up and you feel like it will melt soon, but it is in fact hard and it fights you every step of the way…’

Action Sculpture takes place in front of an audience and it shows the public the making of a sculpture or sculptural ensemble, usually involving live models, music and light. The latest Action sculpture event took place on Museum Night 2016, when ‘The other’ was created, a piece about the relevance of another person in our life, the roles we play and the relationships we form.