Born on the 23rd of March 1972 in Timisoara, Romania. Studied at the Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School in South Africa until 1989. Upon returning to Romania she studied sculpture at the Western University Timişoara from which obtained a Ph.D. in fine arts Summa cum Laude. Member of the Romanian Union of Fine Arts since 1999. Founding member of the “Dor” artists’ group since 2001. Selected to represent Romania at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and at the EU Parliament in 2005. Recipient of Excellence in fine arts awards in 2005, 2009 and 2015.

Solo Exhibitions

2022   ‘Coda’, Helios Gallery, Timişoara, Ro

2022   ‘Bible in Bronze’, Casa de cultură Jimbolia, Ro

2022   ‘The 72 Names’, Centrul Oftalmologic Prof. Dr. Munteanu, Timișoara, Ro

2020   ‘From letter to Word’, Saskial Art Promotions art space, Timișoara, Ro

2019   ‘Musica Universalis’, Art Museum, Timisoara, Ro

2019   ‘Thought-Forms’, EMArt Gallery, Deva,  Ro

2016   ‘Becoming’ Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Ro

2016    ‘Embodiment’ Banatul Philharmonic, Timisoara, Ro

2013   ‘Confession II’ Helios Gallery, Timisoara Ro

2011   ‘Confession’ Helios Gallery, Timisoara Ro

2009   ‘Shemot-Names’ Helios Gallery, Tiffin University, Timisoara, Ro

2007   ‘Codex’ CJT, Opera House Timisoara, Ro

2006   ‘Exodus 14.19-21’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro

2006   ‘Secrets and Secret Places’ Artis Gallery Bucharest, Ro

2004   ‘Persona’ Helios Gallery Timisoara, Ro

2002   ‘Secret’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro

2001   ’Temple’, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Ro

1998   ‘Initiation’, Art Gallery, Timisoara, Ro

Monumental Work/ Public Art:

2021   ‘Pomelnic’ Descent of The Holy Spirit Church, Timisoara

2019   Bust of Prof. Dr. Francisc Schneider, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Ro

2019   Bust of Silviu Bejan, C. D. Loga National College, Timisoara, Ro

2019   Bust of C.D. Loga, C. D. Loga National College, Timisoara, Ro

2018   “The Virgin with twelve stars”, Roman-Catholic Parish, Iosefin, Timisoara, Ro

2013   ‘Meeting yourself’, private collection, Ro

2013    Bust of Dean Ioan Anton’ Timisoara Technical Institute, Ro

2009   ‘The Story of Adam’ Triade Sculpture Park, Timisoara, Ro

2009    Bust of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Central Park, Timisoara, Ro

2005   ‘The Cube’ Fountain, Plevnei Square, Timisoara, Ro

2004   ‘5’ Muvezstelep Congrag, Hungaria/

1998   ‘Golgotha’, Triade Collection, Timişoara, Ro

Group exhibitions (selection):

Heidelberg, Buttenheim, Giechburg, Kiel, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Bamberg, Parsberg, Neumarkt, Rattelsdorf/Germany; Barcelona/Spain; New York/ USA; Zurich, Bern/ Switzerland; Johannesburg /South Africa;  Sondrio, Rome /Italy; Timișoara, Arad, Reșița, București, Piatra Neamț, Cluj, Slobozia, Constanța, Bacău, Brașov / România; Szeged, Gyula, Budapesta, Csongrad / Hungary;  Begec, Novi-Sad / Serbia and Montenegro;  Bruxelles / Belgium; Utrecht / The Netherlands; Rueille Mailmaison / France.

Collaborations, illustrations, publications:

2022 „Linda-Saskia Menczel-in her own words”, Timișoara: Mirton Press, ARTE collection, ISBN:978-973-52-2046-4

2022 „Sheroes”, Timișoara: Mirton Press, ARTE collection, coordinator, ISBN: 978-973-52-2031-0

2022 „Biblical text în spatial forms” Symposium of Sacred Art online edition

2021 “Fear of beauty”, In Notebooks of Art and Design, Vol.9, no.9, 2021, p.186, ISSN 2393 – 042X , ISSN-L 2393 – 042X

2021 “Hebrew inscriptions in European Christian themed art”, The 2nd International Symposium on Biblical Exegesis, Timișoara, Romania

2021 “Pseudo inscriptions and mystical meaning. Embroidery on vestments în European Paintings of the XV-XVII centuries”, Orizonturi Culturale Italo-Române, nr. 7-8, July-August 2021, year XI ISSN 2240-9645

2020 ‘Coloana infinitului’ Magazine, year XXIII, no.113, 2020 Timișoara, illustrator

2020 ‘Capitel Magazine’ Mexico, no.23, pp.71-72, illustrations

2020 ‘Hebrew inscriptions in European art of the XV-XVIII centuries – a sign of erudition’ Notebooks of Art and Design, Vol.8, nr.8 (2020), pp: 58-63. ISSN: 2393-042X

2020 ‘Coloana infinitului’ culture magazine, year XXIII, no.113, 2020 Timișoara, illustrator

2019 ‘Philolog’, Art Press publishing, editor/coordinator, ISBN: 972-973-108-932-4

2018 ‘Photolog’, Art Press publishing, editor/coordinator, ISBN: 978-973-108-799-3

2017 ‘Artist of the Month’, The two owls’ bookstore, Timișoara, Ro

2017 ‘Femina Invicta’, Fundatia Anais, Bucharest, Ro

2016 ‘Orizont Magazine’ – illustrator

2016 ‘Emotion and Embodiment’, Banatul Philharmonic, Timisoara

2014-2015 Illustrator for Agnos and Christiana Publishing Houses

2014 Camarilla Culturala, lecturer

2005 Camarilla Culturala, lecturer

2005 ‘Littera’ Online Magazine – illustrator

2000 Academic Cultural Foundation Timisoara: ‘Angels and Revelations’

2000 Academic Cultural Foundation Timisoara: ‘Swinging Jazz’ 

2000 ‘Save the children foundation’ Orhideea Gallery, Timişoara

Action Sculpture presentations/cultural events:

2023   ‘Coda-Echoes from Ararat’ Concert by trio Cosmin Rafael Bălean within the Analog Mania International Festival, Timișoara, Ro

2022   ‚CT-Project – Coda’, Concert  by Cari Tibor and Szabo Attila, Helios Gallery, Timișoara, Ro

2022   ‚Sheroes’ art show and literary evening, Helios Gallery, Timișoara, Ro

2019   ‘Music for the Theatre – sculpted sound’ recital, Art Museum Timișoara, Ro

2019   ‘Musica Universalis – sculpted sound’ recital, Art Museum Timișoara, Ro

2019   ‘The white piano’ photographic exhibition, Art Museum Timișoara, Ro

2019   ‘Musica Universalis seen through the photo lens’ Art Museum Timișoara, Ro

2016   ‘The other’ Pygmalion Gallery, Museum Night, Timisoara, Ro

2004   ‘Mathusalem Muvesztelep, Csongrad, Hungary

2003    ’The Passion’ Yes Group, Tmisoara, Ro